About Us

Formed in 2012, Ghostbusters London is a non-profit cosplay org dedicated to deliver services in the charity sector.

We are a regional franchise of the UK Ghostbusters.



Our history

For many years, Ghostbusters has had a massive cult following due to the impact it made when it was first released in 1984. In the realm of cosplay, it is no different, with literally thousands of people dressing up as the iconic paranormal investigators worldwide.

As childhood fans, Dayne & Ash have always been proud of being part of the Ghostbusters global family by joining the main body of Ghostbusters in Britain, The UK Ghostbusters.

However even though the UK Ghostbusters existed, there weren’t any Ghostbusters in the capital, nevermind a franchise! So without hesitation, Dayne & Ash came together to start Ghostbusters London. – The first point of contact for any paranormal investigations and elimination needs within the m25.

Now with 10 members, there are more than enough ‘busters to help protect the nation’s capital from any paranormal predicament. So if you’re ever in need to get rid of a pesky poltergeist, you know who to call!

We’re ready to believe you!