Dayne Hall

Co-Founder of Ghostbusters London – Dayne has been buster since a very early age. He grew up with the films and always dreamed of doing the real thing.

As the talented handyman he is, years later he helped conceive Ghostbusters London, built his own pack, built an Ecto and got out there to help save the UK’s capital from paranormal infestation.

Dayne’s interests include: Firearms sports, Motorcycles, Falconry and miller time.


Ash Patterson

Co-Founder of Ghostbusters London – Ever since his mum took him to a retro cinema to watch Ghostbusters in the big screen, Ash wanted to be one ever since. He was 6 years old then and now 20 years later he has seen that dream come true with his fellow ‘busters.

Seen as the logistics one behind the group, Ash’s main focus (apart from capturing ghosts) is trying to make the Ghostbusters London franchise one of the biggest in the world.

Ash’s interests include: Martial Arts, Sci fi, Retro Nostalgia, Comedy, Politics, Philosophy and Theology.

Tara (NEW)

Tara Petar

For as long as she can remember, Tara has dreamt of busting ghosts with Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston. She would sit at school and daydream of them running into her classroom needing her help. Now as an adult she is doing just that. Living her childhood dream as a Ghostbuster while putting smiles on the faces of children and adults and raising money for various charities in the process. Seen as the ‘Mother’ of the group her focus is to make sure that all is well and keeping the boys in line.

Tara’s interests include: Disney, travel, reading and family/friends.


Chad Bloomfield

The 80s love child of Ghostbusters and ACDC, Chad is always looking for an excuse to suit up! And if it means helping people in need along the way – well what could be sweeter than that?
The love for all things GB has always been woven into his DNA and in the last few years it has erupted, spawning an array of gadgets to nuke those spooks!
Chad’s interests include: Rock music, Stephen King novels and cinema.


Olly White

A somewhat awkward mix of science and science fiction, Olly was introduced to Ghostbusters at the age of three and has been a ‘ghosthead’ ever since.
Though as a child Olly was convinced he was haunted and stuck to Ghostbusters as a safety net, keeping the Ghostbusters night light on with his Kenner proton pack next to the bed.
One thing Olly can consistantly remember is Ghostbusters and now HE IS ONE! And proud to be busting heads both for fun and for charity!
Olly’s interests include: Doctor Who, The railway, Sci Fi.


Mark Lloyd

Ever since watching Ghostbusters on VHS as a child, Mark has been a fan. It was back in 2007 when he discovered online, the Ghostbusters Global Family which re-ignited his passion for the franchise and so began the building of replica props and uniforms. During that time The U.K. Ghostbusters were born in anticipation for Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Mark currently runs the UKGB website, forum and facebook pages.
Mark has taken part in many events over the years including raising for charity and movie screening promotion and is a proud member and great asset to the London franchise.
Mark’s interests include: Japanese culture, music and cosplay.


Louis Cross

Louis is the quiet one – well, at least when divulging personal details and his background. All we know is that he has a love for ghosts and ghost busting. In the Autumn 2010 he took a huge step towards joining the UK Ghostbusters (and therefore our Franchise) by putting together his own uniform. He is an excellent driver and team player, willing to go the extra distance for his friends if he can. Other than that and the (observed) interests below his background remains a mystery.
Louis’s interests include: Driving, Video Games, American Cop Shows, Flying and Gadgets.


Robert ‘Rob’ Monk

Robert ‘Rob’ Monk has been a Ghostbuster at heart since he first watched the film at aged 4, what kid wouldn’t want to have a proton pack and ride in the Ecto-1?! From having a life long ambition to be a Ghostbuster he finally become one himself in 2008. His interest are playing his PS3, watching movies (but not the right sort according to his fiancé), he’s a massive fan of Doctor who, and loves to read the novels of Robert Rankin.
Rob is a warm, friendly, fun loving chap & likes to have a giggle (albeit if he has a bit of a warped sense of humour!). Apart from being a devoted dad, Rob is always using his spare time in perfecting the art of being a Ghostbuster, so the next generation can continue keeping the world free from pesky poltergeist.
Rob’s interests include: Computer games, model railways, doctor who and films.


Arron Weddell

In regards to the term ‘Paranormal Investigator’, Arron is as closest it gets from the London Ghostbusters! Born and raised in Cheshire, Arron moved to the south coast. He worked for a local radio station as a presenter for 3 years before leaving to become a Ghost Hunter.
Due to his credentials, Arron had lots of Articles published in paranormal magazines before becoming a published author.
Arron has been a fan of Ghostbusters since seeing the first film as a little boy, it was probably that which made him want to be a Paranormal Investigator! These days apart from being a devoted family man, his spare time is taken up trooping with UKGB and his local franchise Ghostbusters London. Not to mention being a Team Leader for a Paranormal Events company run by Most Haunted’s Phil Whyman!
Arron’s interests include: DJing, Ghost hunting and Writing.


Luke McManus

Luke has been into Ghostbusters from a very young age, since seeing both movies and the animated series. Watching Ghostbusters growing up helped with alot of fears as he looked up to the Ghostbusters as heros. He has always wanted to have a Proton pack and other Ghostbusting equipment, when in 2008 he started building a replica Proton pack and completed it in 2009, he then built containment traps and lots of other pieces of ghost catching equipment.He has been fully Ghostbusting since 2009 and loves the job and everything that comes with it. Being a Ghostbuster was his dream and he is living his dream to the max.
Luke’s interests include: Metal, Horror Movies, Comics, Sci fi, Paranormal, Replica movie props.